Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hank update

Hank was born last night (7 lbs 10 oz) by c-section after Samantha was in labor for 15 hours.
They took Hank up to the NICU for evaluation and to clear his lungs of muconium.
After a while of watching him, his breathing wasn’t getting any better so they did some further tests to see if they could find anything causing the breathing difficulties and they found that he has a heart condition called Transposition Of The Great Arteries.
Without any hesitation they transported Hank to Children’s Memorial Herman Hospital downtown.
They will perform a small surgery to keep him stabilized until he is a five days old and then perform the big surgery to correct the heart condition.
Please Pray for strength, courage and overwhelming peace for Samantha, Derric and their families and Pray for Hank and the doctors that will be making him all better.

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